Professor Profile

Dr. Sachin Maheshwari

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<strong>By Esha Puri, Batch of 2013</strong>

Dr Sachin Maheshwari, the MPAE Head of Department, has immense responsibilities to shoulder. His amicable demeanour and unruffled exterior is popular with students and faculty alike. Here he is in a candid chat about projects, the MPAE department and more. A sneak preview-

<strong>Q. How long have you been affiliated with NSIT? </strong>

I joined NSIT in 1998. Since then I have been part of the MPAE branch that was introduced in the college in 1995.

<strong>Q. What are your areas of expertise from research point of view? </strong>

My areas of expertise are Computer Aided Design (CAD), Manufacturing and Auto-motive aspects.

<strong>Q. What are the various projects that you mentor? </strong>

I mainly assist in PhD projects. I have also guided some B.Tech projects in collaboration with Dr. Satish Chand, Prof Gadre and other faculties. Few of the B.Tech projects that are offered in the MPAE branch are based on Fused Deposition Modelling, 3D Printing, Product Design Facilities and Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

<strong>Q. Could you describe the procedure of distributing those projects? </strong>

Several projects are mentored by different faculties. The students should first identify their area of interest and accordingly decide the topic they wish to undertake. Prof A.V. Muley, Project Advisor and Coordinator, can cater to the concern of whom to contact. He guides the students to the respective teachers.

<strong>Q. Are the projects distributed branch-specific, pertaining only to the MPAE students? </strong>

No, students of all departments are welcome all long as they hold interest and enthusiasm in the particular area. Further, prior advanced knowledge in the field is not a requisite.

<strong>Q. How many PhD projects are you currently supervising? What are their topics? </strong>

I am currently guiding 4 PhD projects. The PhD projects are based on the following topics- Powder Metallurgy Electrode for Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), Abrasive Electric Discharge Machining (AEDM), EDM optimization and SAW process.

<strong>Q. To what extent does the curriculum cater to the practical knowledge deemed necessary for manufacturing engineers? </strong>

An effective engineer is nurtured with sound practical knowledge base. The curriculum incorporates atleast 3-4 industrial trips organized by Prof P.R. Khanna. This builds upon the studentsā€˜ cognizance of technical aspects and of strategies practiced in the industry.

<strong>Q. What is your opinion concerning the college offering MPAE and not a core mechanical branch? </strong>

MPAE is an offshoot of the mechanical branch conceived to bridge the gap between manufacturing and automation. It combines aspects of manufacturing processes, instrumentation and electronics. Moreover, this inter-disciplinary branch is first of its kind and pertains to a wider sphere in the industry.

<strong>Q. What modification would you suggest to enhance the structure of the department? </strong>

The need of the hour is to recruit teachers who can bring out the inter-relation between manufacturing processes and automation with rhetorical expertise. Presently only 9 permanent faculty members, with the help of guest faculties, are running the show. We also require teachers who can show the way in technical consultancy.<a href=”http://alliancensit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Dr-Sachin-Maheshwari.jpg”>