Senior Gyaan

By Arjun Singh, Batch of 2013

Placements – The End Or The Beginning?

I know many of you may have been lured into NSIT by the knight in the shining armor, i.e., placements. But now that you are here, do not worry yourself by pondering over the hoopla surrounding placements. Everyone gets placed in NSIT, touchwood. You will too (if you study properly).

MBA – The Ultimate Goal?

You all would have heard about NSIT’s students’ impeccable record in clearing MBA entrance exams. But do not make it your life’s aim to crack CAT as soon as you come to college. The world is vast, do not limit yourself. Explore! You have four years of undergraduate education, so explore every-thing and venture into the unknown as well other avenues. Don‘t have a horse‘s vision in your approach towards life. Try your hand at whatever your stream is, or interest guides you to take up. You never know what may work for you. Remember the golden rule ―do what you love rather than love what you do!

Percentage – The Big Party-Spoiler?

Remember there is no alternative to a sound academic performance, but there is always an incentive to have an alternative. Aim for obtaining a decent percentage. Even though your extra-curricular activities and interests give you an extra edge, your percentage shows your dedication and the ability to work hard. Also, if you decide to pursue a masters abroad, the colleges give preference to better marks. So working and putting in a little extra hard work before the exams would never hurt. College is anyway too long a party for anything to spoil it.

Interaction – The Golden Dogma of Networking:

Interact with your seniors, batch-mates and people you encounter in college. Since you are in first year do not feel shy or awkward talking to your seniors. They have a plethora of knowledge to share with you. On topics ranging from embedded systems and UNIX programming to booking the mini-audi or just general gyaan on life, you can get everything that you will not find in any brochure or handbook. Apart from the selfish needs, it leads to stronger college bonding, a point which old timers complain on after the clamp-down on ragging. If you can‘t find ways or are shy, be a part of a society or work in college fests. Trust me, you will make more than just friends over the course of the next four years in college.

Internship – The hype or the type?

During the summers after your first year, good internship opportunities will be hard to come by. So, rather than being an intern at some Multi-National Company and killing time there, it is better to learn a new skill; something worthwhile. Pursue a project under a professor‘s guidance or join a professional course. Do not get caught in the hype of something your classmates may be doing blindly, rather be selective in its type.

Time to kill?

The best thing that NSIT offers you is the free time and unpressurised atmosphere. People before you have done wonders with it and you should be no different. Develop an interest or a hobby, and learn to follow your dreams, choose a different path. Remember whenever you try your hand at something new and you like it, there will always be a time when you might feel like giving up. Do not fall for it! Stick to your interests, be it playing guitar or developing an android application. Be the best investor of your own time, be the Warren Buffet you have always dreamt of being.

Fests – Just For The Sake Of It?

You will soon become aware of the variety and spice the fests add to college life. NSIT is known for its fests and there are generally 2 to 3 fests every year in our college. Work in them, not for your CV but for the college. A college fest is made successful by us students and ultimately, it is the students who will enjoy. Also it gives you a chance to interact with your seniors and make new friends.