Love Yourself! :)

By Pallavi Singhal, Batch of 2014 (http://pallavisinghal.wordpress.com/)

In this fierce competitive world, no one is ever contented with what they’ve got. Sometimes you tend to compare yourself with others..and often you tend to think that there is something wrong with you…Lately I’ve realised that being inspired with someone is good..but losing your own self..your very identity in the due process of being someone you are not, trying to achieve something which is not meant for you..lands you in a place where the inner happiness is missing…

One thing which always helps me to get on the right track is when I realise my own importance.
Thinking about what or why I did so..no use! Thinking about what will happen next…no use! Yet..I do this often..
I “forgive” but usually I don’t “forget” …but then, I also accept the fact that as time passes by..even my memory tends to fade away the less important things..

The whole funda is “Love yourself”..trying to change yourself even though for your own good..is sometimes not possible.! Because you can’t change the very trait of your personality..the very essence of YOU!No matter how clumsy, careless & undisciplined you are..no matter how organised, perfect & punctual you are…everyone has their own way of doing things. You do it best when it is done your way. Learn to face life being you, it can be quite a task at times but when u do it…your way..the “I am what I am” feeling is really amazing! 🙂