Texting Disasters!!

By Anurag Gulati, Batch of 2012 (http://anythingcanhappenwhenyouareme.blogspot.in/)

Before you get any ideas, this post is not about the disasters of the kind where you send a text meant for your friend about a person x to the person x directly. No. That is something that I doubt cannot be avoided even if you have ‘Unagi’ (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference. If you don’t know about this, star watching the series, you will fall in love, and that fall wouldn’t hurt my friend!)

This post is about texting disasters that one could potentially make, and how these seemingly trivial things are not trivial at all!

  • Usng shrthnd lngge 2 d pt f non cmprhnsblty:
    I know you would have understood what I want to say. For people who cannot do without the “d” and the “nd” and the “f9”. . tell me something, are you so mad over saving money that you worry that your text messages would increase exponentially if you would type in a language comprehensible to all? Or are you so lazy that it literally hurts you when you make the effort of typing a few words in an understandable form!
  • Making no sense at all
    Tell me, why do you need to avoid all possible grammatical rules and punctuation marks in your text? Don’t you know a set of words can be interpreted in a thousand different ways? huh? Did you never clear elementary school? Are you not smarter than a fifth grader?!
  • Forwarding texts, 24×7
    Whilst I love the attention, and I am sure a lot of us do as well, why do you have to send every single “forwarded” or “popular” text? Especially the ones that ask you to forward it

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    to a hundred people or your eye would pop out! I mean seriously, wake up!! you are living in the twenty fucking first century. I would have understood this had this been the stone age, but it is NOT!

  • “Good Morning” “Good Night” “Good Afternoon”
    I like to be wished. A lot actually. But can you be creative for once and not just say GM or GN or text me those stupid weird texts that say good night in the end?!
  • Hello! I am a robot! I have no emotions! I do not know what sad or happy means!
    I mean seriously? How am I to know whether you are happy or smiling or sad or angry? “Do this” can have so many connotations, based on how you say it. I am sorry I am not Omniscient, hence I cannot always comprehend how you are feeling unless you are my soul mate, even then I am pretty sure it would be super hard to interpret the feeling in a text!
  • SMS does not necessarily have to Short
    I mean I send you a frigging long text and all you say is hmm? DIE DIE DIE!!!That about covers it for now. If you would like to, please share what annoys you in a text.