The Fallen Warriors- Harry Potter 7

By Nitin Garg, Batch of 2013

Greetings, my fellow sorcerers, how enchanting, yet predictable book was? I got some time from my busy schedule and decided to brew this small amount of potion which I hope would be suffice. When we’ve broken from the trance, let’s stop to mourn for all the fallen warriors–

1. Mad Eye Moody CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!, he used to say. The toughest bloke, the ultimate Auror and the backbone of the Order after old D’s death. Had to die , hadn’t he? Good things don’t last long…

2. Bathilda Bagshot Don’t know much about her do we? Thanks for all the history on old D, anyways!!

3. Hedwig Why had she to die of all. A poor,innocent creature who had helped Harry in reminding him about the magical world when he was with the Dursleys. JKR, you could have done better.

4. Dobby It was most unfair. We all love this free house elf, he deserves to live a 100 more years.If I ever get my hand ( or rather wand) on JKR!!!

5. Remus and Tonks Both contributed a lot to Harry, Lupin who helped him learn Patronus and Tonks who ,well. let’s say, fit nicely into the plot.

6.Fred Bring him back!! I don’t know how, use the hallow or anything, We all needed a few laughs when Voldy ruled and he provided them with great skill. Atleast he died a true warriors death….

7. Severus Snape How much did we curse him? loathe him? abuse him?, yet he was a true Prince. Possible, the bravest character in fiction history.

Miscellaneous… 1. The muggle studies teacher.

2. Crabbe( We don’t give a damn)

3. Voldy, all 7 parts( Finally!!)

4.Bellatrix (Evil always ends, you stupid woman)

Time’s making fool of me again, I must part, but forgive me if I failed to mention anybody else from the 7th book. Till then, Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak…..