Campus Crunch

An ‘Amalgam’ of Experiences @ NSIT

By Anonya Chatterjee, Batch of 2015

As I strolled into the campus, I was welcomed by the lush green cover which was interspersed by the pink, red and yellow flora and the peacocks’ splendid baritone. This omnipresent greenery veiled the institution, brimming with young minds- full of zeal and mettle.

The counseling and registration times could have left one complaining; thanks to the scorching summer and the deferments in the admission procedures (Soon afterwards I discovered that delays are a characteristic trait of our Admin). But the first day for the ‘fuchchas’(freshers) could not have been more captivating- with the interactive Orientation Session leaving its first imprint. The diligent way in which our seniors introduced us to the active societies of NSIT was commendable. Then was the time to mingle with the new classmates who were about to be a part and parcel of my college life for the upcoming four years. The conspicuous round tables at the Nescafe lawns where people would indulge themselves in chit-chatting, laughing their hearts out over a sip of the Frappe, seemed the ‘coolest’ spot on campus (and it surely ‘was’). Not to forget, it was the place we had to almost flee, fearing of being asked for ‘informal intros’ by the seniors! The rocking Freshers’ Party marked the beginning of college life in the true sense. The enthralling stories of the ‘Death Lane’ invoked the adventurous side of ours and urged us to undertake an exciting trip. Lingering over, lifting the dumb-bells, cycling and striking shots on the carom board at the gymnasium yielded immense pleasure. Then there were the hostile yet inevitable examinations that left us fretting over several nights. Undoubtedly, the cultural and techno-managerial fests have been no less than an extravaganza, especially the ‘Moksha’, providing the finest opportunity to socialize and grasp innovative ideas from our worthy seniors.

Just as my first year piled onto the stack of educating, ecstatic and few confrontational experiences, I anticipate the years to come have a lot more in store.