Fests and Events

Day 3: What not to miss this fest?

Time to get over the hangover of Edward Maya and conclude the fest with a bang!

<b>International Music Arena: </b> The Jazzical Trio and Rimon Jazz Institute Trio are here for all those jazz music aficionados, starting the ultimate day on a musical note. Do not miss on this for an extra hour of sleep!

Venue: Stage 2
Timings: 11 AM onwards.

<b>Dhwani- The Music Competition</b>: <i>“Music gives soul to</i><i> the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm to life”.</i> Get mesmerized by the soulful voices, skilful instrumentalists and the upcoming beat-boxing stars. There is a treat for every genre and perfect way to spend the leisurely afternoon!

Venue: Main Auditorium
Timings: 4 PM onwards.

<b>Mr. And Ms. Moksha:</b> Be the spectators to one of the most sought-after events, one beauty and one hunk will win this battle of wit, wisdom, and charm. The coveted title is given after various rounds, where participants are grilled and polished to diamonds.

Venue: Admin
Timings: 2 PM onwards.

<b>Avalanche – Battle of Bands: </b>This high–voltage, thundering and ear-exploding drama, is definitely not for the weak hearted! Watch out as numerous bands roar at their loudest to triumph this mega event.

Venue: Main Stage
Timings: 1 PM onwards.

<b>Evening Ball:</b> It has been the talk of the town, with guys fretting over and girls deciding the final names. Yes, the evening ball is here with couples, gossip, and heartbreaks. Apologies for all the singles whiling away their time in the hostel!

Venue: Admin
Timings: 6 PM onwards.

<b>Road Show:</b>Get ready for the adrenaline rush. The bikes are set, the stunts men ready, and get set vroom! Experience the wind chasing bikers perform extraordinary things just on those two wheels.

Venue: North Gate
Timings: 10 AM onwards.

<b>Laser Show and DJ Night (Felicity): </b> Nucleya and Aceaxe will make you experience the one-of-its-kind laser show and booming sounds which will definitely leave you dumbstruck. Finally, bid adieu to the fest dancing through the night on catchy Bollywood numbers.

Venue: Main Stage
Timings: 7 PM onwards.


<strong>Reminder:</strong> Tomorrow is Monday (sigh!).