Campus Crunch

Students’ Affairs Council and some questions you might have about it

By Allwin Tom, Batch of 2016

To bridge the gap between students and the faculty, between ideas and execution and between the past and future, it seems that the Students’ Affairs Council of NSIT could be the means to usher in a new and improved NSIT.

The Alliance is here to answer any questions you may have about the ‘SAC’.

Q1. Who is eligible to apply?
A1. Students from all branches who are presently in second and third year are eligible to apply for the SAC.

Q2.What is the exact recruitment process and how do I apply?
A2. The students have to register here: http://goo.gl/forms/9vsLqeUVrr and then forward their resume along with a cover letter to this e-mail id: sac.nsit@gmail.com. The last date for registration is 23rd April, 20:00.
This will be followed by an interview of the selected students.

Q3. Who will take these interviews?
A3. There will be two rounds of interviews. The first will be taken by the fourth year students. The second and the final round will be conducted by the Director or his nominees.

Q4. Why was an election not held instead for the selection procedure?
A4. This question has been asked time and time again. To ensure that the students are capable of handling the tasks assigned to them, and to keep the procedure clean of any form of politics, selection was chosen over elections.

Q5. Who is drafting the constitution for the functioning of the student council?
A5. A panel consisting of five fourth years and three teachers has been given the task of finalizing the framework of the Student Council and its

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Q6. When will the Student Council come into power?
A6. The SC will become active with the commencement of the next odd semester.

For more information, visit http://on.fb.me/1DOlRhy and for queries, contact Ayush Maiti, Sanat Jain, Akul Sayal, Amardeep Singh or Videt Jaiswal.