The Last Leg: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By Arushee Sharma, Batch of 2019

After a long truancy in the school of Potterheads, the script for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child finally came out in the bookstores, and through the portal, into the platform, we embarked upon the magical and prodigious journey yet again…for the last time.


It is the eighth and the last story of the Harry Potter series and the first official one to be presented on screen. Its winsome hardcover is misleading and can be thought of as a novel. However, it is the rehearsal script for the play which opened in the Palace Theater in London’s West End, and the with the official opening being done (and spectacularly so!), the final script will be released later this year.

With respect of style of writing, it’s a phenomenal juxtaposition of playwright Jack Thorne’s sparse prose style and J.K Rowling’s unembellished and strong emotional intensity. They’ve kept in mind how the characters have grown while keeping in touch with the deep-seated past and have, inconspicuously or not, opened doors for new characters and wand-wavering!

The emotions while reading this will slither from nerve-wrenching to tear-inducing. Tremors of excitement are not disappointed with the 19 years shifting of story after Deathly Hallows and showcasing of all characters and their children. Scorpius (son of Draco Malfoy) and Albus (son of Harry and Ginny Potter) slowly weave the story and move to its heart, with their usual teen gaucheness and panache. Albus is a timid contrast with respect to his father’s celebrity status and hence a little, maybe more than a little, resentful.

This time travelling plot has twists and surprises, ramifications and messy ordeals. There are the delightful transfigurations and gorgeous aesthetics and the endearingly goofy Scorpius. The core of the story is highly relatable and has potential to strike a cord with all. We don’t get to choose family, so how do we overcome deep-rooted issues? Past implications and expectations? Talk openly to family members?

Not being a fan of spoilers, the plot of the script is not elaborated here, however, a rather strong persuasion and encouragement to grab and read this piece! Spread the word about this fabulous speech (through an owl, maybe?)