Societies in NSIT


DebSoc NSIT is the official debating society of NSIT. If parliamentary debates, MUNs, group discussions or discussing a book are on your mind then the DebSoc is the place to be.
Pssst. They discuss a lot of politics too.

President: Prakhar Gupta (ECE, 3rd Year) and Siddhant Banyal (ICE, 3rd Year)


The Alliance

If you thought that PCM and Engineering would kill your dream to become the writer that you wished to be, you couldn’t possibly have been more wrong. The Alliance, NSIT’s official Newspaper, provides plenty of opportunities for you to flex your writing and relive your dream of becoming a Journalist or a Writer. A society that shall nurture your flair for writing.
PS: Even though most of us scoff at Chetan, we’d say he’s an example of an Engineering kiddo going writer.   

Managing Editors: Soumya Bisht (ECE, 4th Year), Simrat Pal Singh Satia (4th Year)



Nakshatra is the official Astronomy and Maths Club of NSIT. If the Jovian moons and the ideas of relativity and probability intrigue you, then you’ll surely find a place in this Society.
It’s even been recognised by the Nehru Planetarium 😉

Presidents: Sanchit Agarwal (3rd Year, ECE) and Parth Darekar (3rd Year, ECE)
Heads of Theoretical Astronomy: Amritash Ojha (3rd Year, ME) and Disha Bansal (3rd Year, COE)
Heads of Practical Astronomy: Abhay Gupta (3rd Year, ME) and Aditya Sachdeva (3rd Year, MPAE)
Heads of Mathematics: Navya Singhal (3rd Year, ECE) and Sanchit Aggarwal (3rd Year, COE)



Buddies keep ditching you over FIFA? Wanna brag about your DOTA skills or Counter Strike kills to somebody who’d understand? These guys would. Afterall, they are the official Gaming Society of NSIT!

President: Apoorv Kasnya
Vice President Alfesco: Shriram Thyagrajan
Vice president Juego: Manik Pant
Director of Resource Usage and Logistics: Swatantra Ank
Director of Management: Hari Karki



A solution to all needs at NSIT compressed into one Society, Collegespace is very popular for its Website where they have everything ranging from notes to beautiful poems. Be here if you enjoy writing or Web Development.

President: Rattandeep Singh (4th Year)
Head of Web Development: Rishabh Gupta (4th Year)
Head of Content Writing: Shubham Roy (4th Year)
Heads of Content Collection: Aparajita and Harshpreet (4th Year)


NSIT Quiz Club

General Knowledge might not be so general, but for these guys, it’s a child’s play. Flex your grey matter here with the peeps at NSIT Quiz Club.



Even the societies need managing and policing to a certain degree. Thats where Crosslinks steps in. Being the official media management society NSIT, they play a big role in publicising NSIT and the events taking place within.

President: Rashmi Gehi (4th Year)


Even if you can pronounce entrepreneur if you have the zeal and passion of one E cell is the place to nurture that spirit and hopefully guide it into something productive. If playing startup-startup is you favourite pastime then you won’t be disappointed here.


Finance and Economics Society

FES is a place where all the budding Keynes’ and Sens meet to discuss the state of the world’s economy or talk about the Game Theory.
PS: Do not use “In this Economy?” around them unless you REALLY want to know.

President: Ritik Agarwal (3rd Year)
Director (Finance): Divij Khanna (3rd Year)
Director (Economics): Divit Kedia (ECE. 3rd Year)


Rotaract Club, NSIT

Rotaract is an international organisation of individuals committed to serve their community. Rotaract NSIT is the community for you if you wish to tackle real world problems by creating sustainable solutions for local challenges, occasionally making a sandwiches and always leaving a smile, wherever you go.



Prayas is a noble initiative started by students of NSIT to teach school going low income students to supplement their classes and help them perform as well as students with access to private tutions. It has blossomed over the years and now boasts for than 40 students and a 10 CGPA holding valedictorian.

3rd Year President: Satyam Gupta (IT, 3rd Year)



It is the world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Contact: Siddhant Banyal (ICE, 3rd Year)



Being the official western dance society of NSIT, Mirage is home to a few of the most talented and hardworking dancers. If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to be amongst the very best at this college then they eagerly await you.

Presidents: Pawan (3rd Year) and Vishnu (3rd Year)



Capella is the official contemporary dance and choreography society of NSIT, and here’s where the most elegant dancers choose to reside. Look ‘em up if beautiful ballets and rhythmic storytelling are what you’re looking for.
PS: They do splits like you do blinks. Seriously.

Presidents: Saksham Nagpal (COE, 4th Year) and Manan Chawla (COE, 4th Year)
Vice Presidents: Mayank Rathour (ME, 4th Year) and Jatin Nagpal (COE, 4th Year)



Aagaz is a society of budding poets who meet every week to recite to each other what they’ve written out of their soul. May you be a Keats person or Urdu shayari be your thing, you’d have a place in this bunch.  



If you have the Pitch Perfect final performance stuck in your head, if music is the way you express what you feel, then Crescendo is the place for you to be.
No, they aren’t the “Engineering College ka Guitar wala bacchaa” stereotypes.
Also, it’s pronounced Kri-Shen-Do. You’re welcome.  

President: Manikant Suryan (4th Year)
Head, Operations: Amogh Hasija (4th Year)
Head, Western Music: Astitwa Saxena (3rd Year)
Head, Indian Music: Akshaye Singhi
Head, Instruments: Prakhar Singh



The world’s a Stage and all men and women players merely playing their parts. Ashwamedh is the official Dramatics society of NSIT and if you think stage plays or Nukkad Nataks are you calling, mate they’re calling out to you.

Presidents (Street): Shivin Saluja (4th Year) and Tanvi Vats (4th Year)
President (Stage): Dhruv Choudhary (3rd Year)



If you think there is no place for art in an engineering college, you couldn’t be more wrong. Canvas is the Art Society of NSIT and they are the Michaelangelos to our NSITine Chapel.



Axiom is the only philosophical society at NSIT. If your idea of a hangout is coffee with Socrates, your Odyssey shall end here and you’d start feeling at Homer.  


ARES Robotics

If ideas of building robots to colonise Mars keep you up at nights, then ARES is the society for you. This is a society that has managed to build a functional Mars Rover and have qualified for several international competitions in their first attempts.

President: Devansh Jain Nawal (COE, 3rd Year)


Bullet Hawk Racing

BHR is NSIT’s official Formula Student Combustion team. It’s a must go society for all automotive enthusiasts!


NSIT Solar Car Concept

NSIT Solar Car is one of the most Ambitious projects at NSIT. This society has a bunch of kids who are successfully making and testing NSIT’s very own Solar Car!



ASN is the Algorithm Society of NSIT. If you wish to master Algorithms and be a pro at computer programming, this is the place for you.



Tatsam is the Official Hindi Society of NSIT here to prove दैट इंग्लिश इज़ नैट वौट डिफाइन्ज़ क्लास। If Mahadevi Verma and Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s works filled you with inspiration to make your own name, Tatsam’s here to help.



A multi-college international level organisation aimed at spreading the virtues of social entrepreneurship. If you think you have the ability to change the society for the better with that one idea you have, you should certainly check them out.


Connecting Dreams Foundation

Connecting Dreams Foundation, or CDF for short is another multi-college organisation aimed at using entrepreneurship to make lives of the less fortunate sections better. Through the implementation of their amazing ideas, they have been changing lives of school going children for the better.