Campus Crunch

Frustrating Freshers’ Scenarios

By Shashank Vishwanath, Batch of 2020

  1. I feel I would have to manage everything on my own. It seems impossible. How would be able to do that?

Growing up calls for better self management skills. Learning to manage oneself is a very     major milestone of development in an individual’s life. Congratulate yourself at having arrived at that stage of development. You will gradually learn the means and ways to do it. Your college faculty, your seniors and the college counsellor are there to guide and facilitate this process for you.

  1. This college was never my first choice, but I feel I don’t have a choice.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. So be happy with the opportunities you’ve been given and make the best out of them.

  1. I have no liking for the stream I have been given/allotted or opted for.

Feel free to consult the faculty and seniors to know more about this stream, it’s curriculum, applications and arrive at a logical understanding.

  1. I don’t think I can share a room with somebody in the Hostel.

Develop a comfort zone. Hostel life definitely has its challenges, but it plays an essential role in helping one grow and develop holistically.

  1. I wonder how I will make new friends here.

Follow the basic rules of making friends and initiating friendships. Be pleasant and courteous with your classmates. Don’t hesitate in greeting them. Initiate small conversations candidly. Ask and offer help, company, advice as and when required and gradually you will be able to develop friendships. Don’t have very many expectations from people. Be realistic, non judgemental in your attitude.

  1. It is difficult staying without parents.

Indeed it is. But all are part of growing up. Parents are definitely our anchors in life. But for our growth and progress children definitely have to move away from them physically. The modern ways of means and technology have definitely spanned the physical distance and facilitated easy connections which you too can enjoy and benefit from.

  1. I am used to studying with help of coaching institutes. I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage here without tuition?

Seek guidance and help from your teachers and seniors. You can benefit from the tips and suggestions that your seniors may have to offer to you. All of us have high abilities to unlearn, learn and relearn as per the needs and demands of the time. Growing up independently means carving out oneself and nurturing one’s abilities and habits.

  1. I was a star kid at my school. Will I be the same here?

That would definitely call for honest hardwork and an honest realisation that the sky is full of very many stars. Each star shines with its own brilliance. So don’t be amazed if your class has many star kids like you. Experience and appreciate each other and benefit from each other’s experience.

  1. What if I am not happy here?

Please don’t be in a hurry to decide this. Try and take more time to arrive at this decision. Please discuss this matter with your seniors or the college counsellor in detail so that the reasons of your discomfort can be specifically addressed to help you feel happy here.

  1. How would I be able to stand out among all my peers?

Be real. Be honest. Have faith in your abilities and intelligence. Stay focused and committed. Work hard for your goals. Observe sincerity, regularity and consistency in your behavior to ensure that you are able to stand out in the class.

  1. I am scared of my Seniors.

Seniors can be very effective mentors and guides for you. Look at them with this mindset and enhance your comfort level to initiate some interactions. Identify some of them who seem to be more approachable. Share your concerns to seek their guidance in the day to day challenges of college life.

  1. I am scared that I might embarrass myself or get made fun of.

Each one of us is a unique individual. Hold on to this awareness about yourself to gain confidence. Move in the college with this nature of self confidence. Light teasings can be taken up positively in a stride. Beware of serious teasings or harassments. Don’t hesitate in bringing up to the notice of your faculty.

  1. I am not very confident in speaking to others.

We all have different levels of communication skills. One needs to acknowledge one’s nature of communication skills and then try to improve them so with this intent meet people, greet people, interact with people, observe people, learn from people and enhance your own communication skills. For further comfort feel free to contact the college counselor.

  1. I am not very confident in speaking to others.

It takes time to adjust in new surroundings with new set of people. So please don’t set unrealistic expectations of yourself. Go slow but continue with your efforts in interacting with people. Avoidance can never be a solution here. Gradually you will identify your set of own people with whom you are more comfortable.

  1. Will I be able to adjust to the new city?

Adjustment to a new place definitely takes time. Getting accustomed to the weather, to people, to food, to places is a very gradual process. Don’t be fearful. Each city has its own way of exciting people. The more you are in the city, greater adjusted you feel. But definitely with time.