Professor Profile

Professor Profile: Prof J.P Saini, Vice-Chancellor, NSUT


By Manad Gupta and Advik Jain

Q1) How has your time in NSUT and Delhi been so far?
Ans. I have had a very nice experience living in Delhi so far. We recently changed our status (after a wait of 31 years) from an institute to a full-fledged university, which I feel is one of the biggest achievements for our college so far.

Q2) Do you miss teaching like in your earlier days?
Ans. Yes, of course. Teaching had always been my passion and that is why I joined this profession in the first place. However, my current position in the administration leaves little time for other activities. But I am in touch with many of my students from my earlier days. It is always very heartening to talk to them and realise how far we all have come.

Q3) What all infrastructure upgrades can we expect in the coming future? As someone who has worked with people with disabilities, do you believe that NSUT is fully equipped to cater to their special needs?
Ans. Yes, I believe that our university is well equipped in terms of such facilities. Recently ramps were built in the admin block to cater to their needs. Lifts too are installed for their convenience. In terms of infrastructure, as you already know we have received full autonomy as a university. We are preparing to submit a proposal worth 239 Crores to the government for the construction of 6 new blocks. We also plan to add 11 smart classrooms in the coming few months. Also, proposals worth 1500 crores are in the pipeline and we’re making a new master plan for the college which I feel will be submitted to the concerned authorities.

Q4) Sir, midterms are around the corner. Do you have any advice for the students?
Ans. Firstly, I would like to wish all the very best of luck for their upcoming exams. It is important for them to attend their classes regularly and pay full attention to what the professors are teaching. Exams should not create stress in students’ mind, rather every student should focus and give exams with a relaxed and cool mind.

Q5) So many reports and articles today deal with the fact that students, especially those pursuing technical courses, are not industry ready. What are your beliefs on this matter and what changes should be brought about in the syllabus to reflect these changes?
Ans. Yes, I understand this problem did exist in the past. However, with the introduction of the CBCS system a few years back, I believe that our university has been sufficiently able to tackle this problem. Also, a systematic review of the syllabus is taken every 3-4 years, with inputs from alumni, experts and several eminent professors. As a matter of fact, the syllabus will be reviewed in the coming years so that we don’t lag behind.

Q6) Despite being one of India’s premier engineering institutions, why hasn’t NSUT taken part in the NIRF rankings?
Ans. This was due to the fact that we were in a transition period from an institute to a university. It saw a proactive push for the past 2-3 years and that is why we weren’t able to submit our form for the rankings. Last year, we were finally declared a university on September 26, however, the last date to be considered for the rankings was September 1. So last year we missed the date by a whisker. However this year we would positively be submitting our name for the ranking.

Q7) What is your take on the long-standing NSUT vs DTU vs IITD rivalry?
Ans. All these three institutions are eminent educational centres of India and have a decades-old reputation. As long as a healthy rivalry exists between them, it would be beneficial for every party. Competitions should be taken in good spirit and one should always strive to better themselves.

Q8) What can be expected from Moksha this year?
Ans. This would be our first annual fest after our elevation to university status and I am sure that the team of Moksha is putting in every effort to make this event a success. The administration is working closely with the student body to fulfil every feasible wish of the students. This year we have earmarked a bigger budget for this event and it would be grander and bigger than ever before.

Q9) How important a role do such co-curricular activities such as societies and fests have in a student’s life?
Ans. It is not only important for students to work hard, but also relax and enjoy once a while. Such events and organisations give students a chance to interact with their peers and seniors, thus helping them to socialise. Their role in personality and soft skills development are already well acknowledged. I am personally overlooking the restructuring of the societies in NSUT. We have several societies, however many of them are defunct and not active. We are reviewing each and every society to make them relevant in coming times, and appointing faculty advisors so they don’t face problems in the future.

Q10) What differentiates Moksha from the fests of other colleges?
Ans. I don’t know much about the fests of other colleges and universities, but I can assure you that Moksha will definitely be the best among them. The sheer hard work, dedication and resources we have committed to this fest are extraordinary. The level of management and buzz at this event will be unparalleled.

Q11) Moksha in one word for you.
Ans. It is difficult to describe this event in one word. The sheer scale of this event amazes me. I just hope that this serves as a motivation for students to work hard for their upcoming exams so they can relax and enjoy without stress and tension in Moksha. I believe that such events are a tonic for students and vitamins for their body.